Traditional songs from North Devon found their way to Newfoundland and local singers in both countries keep the tradition alive. (

It has never been commercially recorded and it is unlikely to make the x-factor finals but East the Water has its own anthem 'The Shamwickshire Song'

Edward Capern, the postman poet referred to in the section on writing, wrote poems about the local area and many of his poems were in fact songs. There is one referring to East the Water called Jemmo’s Curse, which tells the story of a farmer (Jemmo) who was harvesting his crop in a field near the old turnpike on the road to Barnstaple (close to the modern junction with Old Barnstaple Road). The wheat had been cut and stacked in sheaves left overnight in the field to be taken into the barn next day. A storm blew in and Jemmo hearing the rain ‘cursed the corn and god again’. But a whirlwind stripped the field leaving nothing and ‘the ebbing tide bore Jemmo’s golden sheaves away’. Capern wrote ‘I have often heard the inhabitants of Bideford say, when they see the field under the sickle “We are certain to have rain soon for they are cutting Jemmo’s field”’

Jemmo’s curse has been put to music by Nick Wyke and Becki Driscoll and is on their CD The Songs of Edward Capern the postman poet.

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