Continued Growth


Since 1991, when the population of Bideford was 13,006, the town has seen sustained and rapid growth, reaching 15,000 in 2001 and 17,070 in 2011. Much of this growth has been in the form of new estates in East-the-Water, with the community expanding rapidly. These include areas such as those centred on Ayres Close, Eastridge View, Biddiblack Way, Watkins Way, and Fulford Close. 17 May 2001 saw the opening of Manteo Way, an industrial link road, providing access to support the westward spread.

With growth there is inevitably increased pressure on the local resources, including the natural ones, so it is timely that, in 2012, North Devon was chosen as one of twelve pilot Nature Improvement Areas. This project aims, amongst other things, to further improve the water quality of the river Torridge.

In 2014 plans were approved for the long-overdue re-development of Brunswick Wharf (and two other adjacent wharfs), complete with several residential blocks, a plaza with shopping units, and marina facilities.

2015 saw an ambitious project to run a new gas main under the Torridge to replace the one that runs under the Long Bridge.

Whilst the re-development of East-the-Water’s wharves yet to materialise, significant development continued along Mines Road and near Pollyfield. Whilst, toward the end of the year the Brunswick Wharf Project was launched by Bideford Bay Creatives, with a view to exploring the past and present significance of the wharfs.