Another Map Timelines: All, Georgian (1714 - 1837)


On Donne’s 1756 one inch to the mile survey, East-the-Water still shows as little more than a ribbon of development. In Torrington Street this extends southward to a point due east of Ford House, at which point a street, with accompanying properties, runs directly inland for a short distance. Adjacent to this short spur is marked Folly. What lay at Folly and how it got that name remains enigmatic, but its memory lived on in 1904 in the name of Folly Field (aka Prison Field) at Nuttaberry. That, together with its marked location, suggests it gave its name to the modern Pollyfield. Half way along Torrington Street a relatively undeveloped Torrington Lane runs eastward, but with some property marked. Another strip of development (Barnstaple Street) runs northward from the bridge for around twice the distance of its southern counterpart. The Grange is marked, as also is the farmstead on the Barnstaple Road known as Salterns (shown as Saltrns). South of the community, half way to Tennacott Farm, is marked a property called Lodge.