A Fine Harbour on the East Timelines: All, Stuart (1603 - 1714)


In 1701 John Prince (1643-1723) published his Worthies of Devon, in which he states, concerning the Long Bridge – “On the east side of this bridge is a very fine harbor for ships of good burthen; where they lie and unload in the very bosom of the town, at a stately key, well paved and of a great length.” John Watkins thinks Prince had erroneous confused west for east, but, at the time of publication the Western Quay was not yet extended to the bridge, moreover, at that time the better quay for larger ships would have been on the east, where the deeper water lay. Nor should the possibility be ruled out that Prince composited his description from multiple sources, with one describing the good harbour on the east and another the size and condition of the western quay.