The Team


The Team

Mike Teare – Trustee. Mike is leading the WOTW team and submission for charity status. He was educated as a marine ecologist and is passionate about maritime history; his family ran ships chandlers in 1866. Now he’s reconnecting with marine ecology and history.

Anthony Burt – Trustee. Anthony is a writer and journalist as well as an experienced heritage education and community art/history manager, specialising in creating and delivering project visions.

Lou Boulter – Trustee. Lou is a local artist and believer in community conservation. Lou has spent many hours photographing and pen-drawing the East-the-Water quayside and created stunning scenery art works for the project. Lou lives on and loves the estuary.

Teresa Tinsley - Trustee.

Annemarie Munro - Trustee.

Simon Whittam – Trustee. Simon is a writer and Public Relations professional who has led PR for Visit Devon; Visit Somerset and Destination Plymouth. He moved to Bideford from Plymouth where he worked with the Royal William Yard development and continues to work with The Lost Gardens of Heligan amongst other clients.

Bob Kirby – Volunteer. Bob is the team’s lead researcher and historian. A botanist and IT specialist, Bob is the creator of the East-the-Water history website and an active member of the Bideford community; anything you need to know about the wharves, Bob’s the man to ask.

Becky Frisby – Volunteer. Becky is a font of knowledge on Bideford and its working community. She is well known in the area as being the Band Secretary for the brilliant Bideford Town Band and is passionate about promoting positive stories about Bideford.

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