The Team


The Team

Anthony Burt – Project Coordinator Anthony is an experienced heritage education and community art/history manager, specialising in creating and delivering project visions. A writer/journalist, Anthony lives next to the estuary and is passionate about preserving the wharves maritime legacy.

Mike Teare – Volunteer Mike is passionate about maritime history; his family set up a ships chandlers in 1866. Educated as a marine ecologist, Mike works in the international medical device industry. As a member of the wharf team, he’s reconnecting with marine ecology and history.

Lou Boulter – Volunteer Lou is a local artist and believer in community conservation. Lou has spent many hours photographing and pen-drawing the East-the-Water quayside and created stunning scenery art works for the project. Lou lives on and loves the estuary.

Bob Kirby – Volunteer Bob is the team’s lead researcher and historian. A botanist and IT specialist, Bob is the creator of the East-the-Water history website and an active member of the Bideford community; anything you need to know about the wharves, Bob’s the man to ask.

Sue Smith – Volunteer Sue divides her time between Luton and Bideford, working as a substance misuse recovery practitioner and researcher in Bedfordshire. Sue enjoys engendering pride into communities and giving people opportunities to raise their skills and self-esteem.

Becky Frisby – Volunteer Becky is a font of knowledge on Bideford, its working community and, basically, knows everyone. She is well known in the area as being the Band Secretary for the brilliant Bideford Town Band and is passionate about promoting positive stories about Bideford.

Jack Taylor – Volunteer Jack is the youngest member of the team, and he helps advise the group on the young people’s education programme. Jack works in the Children’s Society shop in Bideford, is a keen wrestler and football player at Bideford AFC.

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