The Project Strands

In its first year, Way of the Wharves focused much of its efforts on the rich and diverse stories from this part of Bideford. In its second year, the project is expanding on these resources to deliver key strands, including:

• a Heritage Trail guide for the Wharves area
• guided walks, talks, workshops and performances
• community events, including art, music and celebrations
• research the history of the Wharves
• a new learning resource for schools

• collect and record oral histories
• train volunteers in fundraising and grant writing
• create an on-site, quayside interpretation/info panel
• create a reference resource for Bideford Library
• publish a new website to hold research and share findings

The Team

The project is run by a paid co-ordinator, who looks after the administration and management of Way of the Wharves. The co-ordinator works alongside a dedicated group of volunteers.

The team is currently made up of Anthony Burt, Bob Kirby, Lou Boulter, Sue Smith, Mike Teare, Becky Frisby and Jack Taylor. Click here for more information about our team.


If you would like to get involved in Way of the Wharves, either by volunteering regularly at the focus group meetings or helping at an event, please do get in touch.

If you know one of the volunteers currently working on the project, please talk to them to get an idea of how you can be involved. Otherwise, you can email Anthony on project@bbcdevon.org.


In the first year, the project was funded by the Health Lottery. From November 2017, it has been funded for a further 12 months by the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF).

The project co-ordinator provides regular updates on progress and gives the HLF financial reports when requested.

If you would like to offer to help us continue our community work, especially in the deprived ward of East-the-Water, then please do get in touch on project@bbcdevon.org.

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